I’ve heard it stated that “Google loves WordPress” and also consequently WordPress SEO is a lot easier than for fixed sites. I don’t think this’s correct as we’ve seen often that Google’s aim is displaying the most relevant information for their users. It’d just not make some sense to believe that they’d favour one website over another just due to the platform it’s on.

However WordPress SEO (and blogs in general) does have a number of benefits over static websites, therefore in that feeling WordPress SEO is easier:

SEOBlogging generally Most WordPress sites are blogs or are websites which includes a website (although there doesn’t need to be a website), as well as the entire point of blogging, is posting frequently. Search engines do favor websites which are updated regularly so WordPress SEO has a benefit here.

Ease of Updating (No specialized information) Static websites could be hard to upgrade and hold but with WordPress it’s really simple and absolutely no technical understanding is needed. What this means is that a WordPress website is much more apt to be updated regularly, which is yet another WordPress SEO advantage.

A crucial WordPress advantage would be that all WordPress sites instantly come with an RSS feed. This enables posts being routed anybody who wishes them via an RSS reader or even straight for their email. The feed may additionally be submitted to sites to get targeted traffic and links.

WordPress will instantly Ping updates so that they are inclined getting listed quicker than on fixed sites.

Comments will be left on WordPress content and this also creates interactivity & returning visitors. Having a great connection with individuals that are such might be effective for SEO proposes.

You will find a great variety of plugins which may be set up on WordPress and most are SEO associated. Many of these help to configure WordPress SEO to the optimum result and possibly the best known is “All In One SEO Pack”. This, amongst some other things, provides control over the way the website is shown on the online search engine, controls the duplicate content naturally in the WordPress framework and also enables you to regulate the name, meta explanation and meta keywords for every page/post. You can hire a team of experts in SEO from https://www.bccinteractive.com. Be sure to read their reviews.

Once again all this is set up quickly and easily (and altered when necessary) with no technical knowledge.

You are able to also obtain a WordPress SEO plugin which determines just how healthy you’ve optimised your posts and web pages then tells you want has to be enhanced.